32 Square Meter Cabin...

This is the medium sized cabin in our range and ideal for those that require more room than the 25 square meter model. The additional square meterage allows for greater flexibility when dividing into larger living and sleeping spaces (internal cabin layout can be completely customized to suit your individual needs).

Fully Assembled

$49,000 (including GST)

Cabin comes as a full assembled lockable shell (price excludes extras i.e. kitchen / bathroom etc).

Flatpack Kit

$29,000 (including GST)

Cabin comes as a flat pack kit with detailed step by step assembly instructions (price excludes delivery).

Made From Quality Materials:

  • Walls and roof are constructed of 75mm thick colour bonded steel / EPS foam / colour bonded steel. This provides excellent strength combined with superior insulation properties.
  • Floor frame constructed with galvanized steel and marine ply (termite resistant). Front porch has hardwood decking.
  • Cabins can be picked up with a crane using built in retractable lifting lugs, a forklift or tilt tray should they need to be moved in the future (they're transportable).

Our Cabins Include:

  • Floor covering installed throughout.
  • Basic electrical plan including sub board with safety switches, lights, GPO’s and a smoke detector preinstalled according to safety regulations.
  • Decking to front porch (Eco-deck or similar).

Optional Extras:

  • Basic kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Heat pump with electrical and plumbing installed
  • Budget $10,000.00 additional for complete extras (ready to move in and/or rent out once connected to services).


Please note the plans below are indicative only and can be customized.

32 square meter kitset cabin....