When purchasing a fully built cabin or granny flat what preparation is required from me?

The only things required at your end prior to delivery are...

  • Footings, we will provide footing set-out details and plans as per engineers requirements.
  • Electrical and Plumbing hook up, as the unit comes fully pre plumbed and wired this is just a simple external connection, we will provide locations for services on plans.
  • Clear access to final location for truck and crane.

What is colour bonded steel / EPS foam / colour bonded steel?

This is the structural material the roof and wall panels are made from, it is also known as cool room paneling or fridge paneling, it has very high insulating qualities and provides a low maintenance finish to the building.

Can I change the specifications of the cabin and fit out?

At New Zealand Kitset Cabins we pride ourselves on providing the right solutions to suit your individual needs, we offer flexibility on our internal fit outs and are happy to discuss your specific requirements.

Is delivery included in the price?

Delivery is not included in the base price as the price will differ depending on your location and accessibility to where the cabin will be located. However we can organize this for you and provide you with a quote. Alternatively you may prefer to organize your own transport.

What if a truck or crane can’t access the location?

We offer all our products in a flat pack option and can arrange to have it built for you on location (conditions apply), or you can opt to build it yourself or have local tradesman organized by you construct it for you.

Do I have a choice of building colours?

Unfortunately no, the cool room panel used is only manufactured in white.